New recycling stations in Guatemala


On March 22, WWF Guatemala / Mesoamerica with the support from Tetra Pak, inaugurated the Green Recycling Stations located in Guatemala City and its surroundings. With these stations, Guatemalan families will be able to deposit their recycling materials such as paper, plastic, cans, glass and Tetra Pak containers.

This action is the result of the commitment established during the 2016 Earth Hour, in which WWF and its allies agreed to install recycling stations to help them deliver their recycling materials throughout the city. With this event, WWF commemorated World Water Day, due to the relation that the efficient material disposal management has over the quality of water bodies in the country.

The recycling stations, known as Green Points, are located at Parque Nacional Naciones Unidas in Villa Nueva, in Green Rush Park in Villa Canales, at the central offices of the Guatemalan National Exporters Association and a fourth installation is programmed to occur in the short term.

On each one of these points, the partners in charge of each organization where they are located, will be managing the daily process of recollecting materials. For example, in the case of Parque Nacional Naciones Unidas, it will be Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza, organization with whom WWF is working in different projects, who will oversee the administration of such station.

WWF together with Tetra Pak will promote these stations, as well as conducting activities to incentivize citizens to visit these sites and will create awareness as to recycling the mentioned materials.