Cleaner production to conserve watersheds

Posted on
12 December 2019

WWF Mesoamerica, together with the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) carried out an event to award the businesses that have made exceptional implementations of cleaner production practices that contribute to near watersheds.  These businesses received technical assistance through the Project called “Alliance between Cleaner Production and Private Sector” executed by WWF Mesoamerica.

Three years ago, WWF Mesoamerica started implementing this project that promotes cleaner production practices as a tool for integrated watershed management with micro, small and medium selected businesses in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama.

The project is financed by the United States Department of State within the framework of the Environment Cooperation Program of DR-CAFTA, and is being executed by WWF together with the National Cleaner Production Centers in each country.  In total, 58 businesses have received technical assistance.

The businesses that were selected were: Novo Hotel & Suite, from El Salvador; Hotel y Turicentro Teculutan, from Guatemala; Pinehurst Manufacturing, from Honduras and Ananas Trading, from Panamá.  With these actions, they contribute to the integrated watershed management of the rivers Acelhuate in El Salvador, Motagua in Guatemala, Chamelecon in Honduras and the Panama Canal in Panamá.

To learn more about some of the cases of the participant businesses, some videos were produced and are online in the following links:

El Salvador: