A declaration to recognize the importance of Ecosystem Based Adaptation was issued

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25 November 2019
A declaration signed by several organizations was issued in Guatemala to recognize the importance of implementing Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) actions in the country.  This declaration was promoted through the Climate - Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Integration project executed by WWF Mesoamerica, TMG Think Tank and ADIMI (a local association) with funds from the International Climate Initiative, from the German Government.

The declaration was signed among different International and national entities that address Ecosystem Based Adaptation in Guatemala, such as the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Protected Areas Council, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), The Nature Conservancy and WWF.  
The joint declaration was issued within the framework of the technical and political forum on Ecosystem Based Adaptation, where several organizations from the government, the private sector, civil society and non-government organizations participated.  The latter was organized by the Climate-SDG Project.

Part of this declaration states that the signatories recognize the importance of Ecosystem Based Adaptation in support to sustainable development, poverty reduction, promoting ecosystem resilience and climate change mitigation, as well as the compliance with the country commitments in relation to the SDG, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Paris Agreement. Hence, they propose that Guatemala should seize the opportunity to include EBA within the update of the National Determined Contributions (NDC) from 2020 and onwards and that the country should work on the enabling conditions to promote the scaling of EBA at a national level to address climate change.