WWF is an organization that works for a living planet, and its mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment of the Earth and to build a future in which the human being lives in harmony with nature:

-Conservating the world's biological diversity

-Ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable

-Promoting the reduction of pollution and excessive consumption.

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WWF has only one commitment for a Living Planet and its philosophy and principles to ensure the privacy of our followers, users, friends and donors are:

-WWF does not collect any type of personal information about users, except that which allows us to know and deal with us and us by the same user.

-WWF is committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information.
-WWF not disclose, sell or pass your information to any other institution, neither personal nor legal or any reason or circumstance.

-WWF will always give you the option to cancel any registration from our mailing list.
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-WWF is committed and applies data protection legislation.

-WWF only collects related or personalized information to favor the actions of the organization, its actions, campaigns and for donations or support for the fulfillment of the institutional mission

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WWF is committed to transparency in the use of the data therefore each person can request a copy of their information from the database of the data when necessary or necessary in order to corroborate this information

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WWF is committed to the principles of social responsibility in the handling of the data of its donors, friends, volunteers or other actors that are directly or indirectly linked; therefore, if you have any question, doubt or suggestion about our privacy and data management policies, please write to us: