The San Pedro Sula Water Alliance presented its latest outcomes


The San Pedro Sula Water Alliance presented its latest outcomes

Representatives from the San Pedro Sula Water Alliance, in which WWF Guatemala / Mesoamerica participates, presented their most recent progress achieved.  This alliance of different sectors was conformed in 2016 with the purpose of protecting the natural resources of the Sula Valley in Honduras. 

This Alliance was formed to work jointly in the planning and implementation of measures to improve water security in San Pedro Sula, promoting the participation of businesses, government, civil society, communities and other stakeholders in the integrated watershed management scheme and in the conservation of terrestrial and water ecosystems that provide water to the city of San Pedro Sula. 

The alliance is integrated by the Municipality of San Pedro Sula, through the Municipal Environment Division -DIMA, Patronages Association, Forestry Conservation Institute -ICF, Merendón Foundation–FM, Energy, Natural Resources and Mines Secretariat  –MiAmbiente+, Cervecería Hondureña -CHSA, Cleaner Production Center -CNP+LH, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit -GIZ and the World Wildlife Fund -WWF.

The focus of this joint work is the El Merendón watershed which supplies 80% of the water used by the city of San Pedro Sula.  

In this presentation event, the latest results of the conservation work that this Alliance has achieved were presented.  This includes the recovery of watershed areas and water replenishment.  Besides these, other relevant outcomes were informed, such as the progress made with the forest fires prevention plan and the study of the identification of high conservation values in the Manchaguala watershed. 

Some of the most significant achievements of the Alliance also include the elaboration of a diagnose of the Manchaguala watershed with a special focus on the water resource risk, as well as a water security assessment in the San Pedro Sula Municipality.  Together, the alliance has also strengthen the capacities of all the members in topics related to conservation and protection of the water resource. 

The Alliance has also performed projects such as capacity development in Business water management with companies around and within the Sula Valley, elaboration of biological indicators in the Merendon zone and a sustainability plan for the Alliance.