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WWF invites Belize to Vigil for a Real Deal for Climate Change

Candle Light Vigil for the Planet

In Belize, people will be part of the global mobilization asking COP 15 to "Seal the Deal"
World’s leaders are gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark to work on new global targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop other strategies to mitigate the global crisis confronting our planet. It is being billed as the single most important event in our planet’s history, given the escalating threats from climate change to our ecosystems, our societies and our economies.

Belize and other low-lying countries with coral reefs are among the most threatened in the world. Recognizing this fact,  a Belizean delegation to Copenhagen is conveying our  message about the urgency of addressing the rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and ocean, which is now predicted to result in the loss of coral reefs in the next 50 to 100 years if we continue operating under ‘business as usual’ global conditions.

During the weekend of December 11th -13th, 2009 of the Copenhagen conference, there will be a global mobilization of many groups across the planet with a collective message that “The World Wants a Real Deal” – a binding global agreement.

People around the world will be gathering at iconic and strategic locations with lighted candles as a call of hope to stand in solemn solidarity with nations at risk and whose communities’ very survival is threatened by the climate crisis.

In Belize, the World Wildlife Fund and partners (Healthy Reefs Initiative, CCCCC, and Belize Climate Change Focal Point) will be organizing a candlelight vigil at 7pm on Friday, December 11th, 2009 in Belize City. The candlelight vigil is proposed for commencement at the Belize City Swing Bridge with a parade down Albert Street, turning onto Dean Street and onto Regent Street, and ending at the Battlefield Park.

There is a dire need for commitments by the developed world to cut emissions enough to get the atmospheric concentration of CO2 back to 350ppm. Nations, states and communities at risks, including Belize, are calling out for world leaders to “Seal the Deal” in Copenhagen: 350ppm and 1.5 to stay alive.

Join us in this very important cause. We look forward to seeing you there.
Sign the petition at

Join us Dec 11, by the Swing bridge, sign the petition at and let your voice be heard!

Kim Simpliss - Barrow, Lifeline Foundation

Invitation to Candlelight Vigil Mrs Kim Simpliss Barrow

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